Professional Pathways

All staff in Northern Territory Catholic schools have access to a range of professional development activities. This includes access to the services of support staff through the Catholic Education Office in Darwin and to support staff employed by the Department of Education.

Orientation and induction

Orientation and induction programs are provided for all staff. For those who will work in urban schools the program consists of one day at the Catholic Education Office (either Darwin or Alice Springs) followed by individual programs in their school of employment.  For those going to remote locations the program consists of three days orientation in Darwin, followed by school based days during the first week of the school term. Areas covered in the orientation and induction program include working cross culturally, policy and curriculum, and living and working conditions.

The orientation and induction program is complemented and reinforced by a one day ‘recall’ program held at the end of term one. This one day program provides the opportunity for staff to determine the agenda so there is a focus on the challenges faced in the day to day delivery of classroom programs.

Professional learning

Current educational reform and growth is influenced by new technologies in the context of contemporary educational trends. Teachers are continually seeking professional learning experiences from within and across systems. These opportunities enable new understandings of the changes that are now common place in their everyday working lives.

To support our teachers as they face these changes the Teaching and Learning Team aim to work in partnership with our diocesan schools.

Building professional learning communities through our leadership teams, teacher networks and other focus groups within our system, enables us to live our shared vision. A vision of serving and supporting our communities in their commitment to the formation of the whole person, where Christ is the foundation.

Formal study opportunities supported by the Catholic Education Office include the areas of leadership development, Religious Education, literacy and numeracy, and other system and local priorities.