Indigenous Education

Bi-cultural education (two-way teaching & learning)

Indigenous Catholic Community Schools provide an educational program that is based on the philosophy of two-way teaching and learning programs that:

  • acknowledge the culture of both the home and the school
  • reinforce the teaching and learning relationship between the elders and the younger members of the community
  • promote engagement with the local community
  • recognise the importance of Indigenous languages and knowledge in the curriculum.

The implementation of this philosophy may include the use of a bilingual/biliteracy program.

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Study of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander languages & cultures

To support our Indigenous students in strengthening their unique identity as Indigenous Australians and to assist them in gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of their histories and cultures, we support the inclusion of:

  • Australian curriculum Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures content and perspectives in all learning areas
  • Indigenous language and culture programs where requested by a school community.


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