Our Catholic Identity

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Nowhere in the world is there a Catholic school system similar to Australia's. With over twenty percent of all children in the nation attending Catholic schools, Catholic education holds a unique place in the history and mission of the Catholic Church in Australia.

Numbering over 1,700, Catholic schools are a vital part of both the parish faith community and the wider civic community in the cities, suburbs, towns, rural and remote Indigenous communities throughout Australia.

Our Catholic communities in this part of the world have been very committed to an holistic education based on the values of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and remain so today.

We recognise and revere the fact that parents are the first and most important educators of their children. It is our great privlidge to be invited to share their responsibility. It is a sacred commitment and we strive to provide best practice in every aspect of care.

Our schools are places of hope, learning and great happiness for all children and families. Our young people can grow in confidence as they learn by experience that they can love because they are loved, and that they can learn because they have discovered the joy of learning within a dedicated learning environment.