Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

"The education of the person is the central education concern of the entire school curriculum. Religious education is part of the total life of the school... as true education aims at the formation of the human person" (Pope Paul IV, 1965, Declaration on Christian Education).

Pastoral Care & Wellbeing is the practice of looking after the personal and social wellbeing of all members of the school community; students, families and staff members.

Catholic Education in the Northern Territory promotes optimal Pastoral Care in all its school communities and in following the vision of our 'shared journey in faith', we encourage and care for each other, fostering positive relationships with every individual.

We believe that Gospel values should be evident in all interactions, policies, programs and practices of our school communities. It is in combining faith and service with collaboration and generosity that we can value and use our diverse gifts to shape the future in the most positive way for all.

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Our commitment to Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Pastoral Care & Wellbeing is a guiding principle and strategic objective of Catholic Education in the Northern Territory.  

We are constantly challenged to find practical expressions in the way the school and community relationships develop, how staff are empowered with new skills, and school dynamics are kept balanced and sustained.

As sharers of the vision, we commit to:

  • ensuring an environment that promotes spiritual, physical, emotional, social, cultural and intellectual wellbeing
  • exercising a Duty of Care consistent across all our communities
  • being sensitive to the religious, social & cultural backgrounds of all our diverse community members
  • recognising students’, families’ and colleagues’ uniqueness in the eyes of God
  • protecting justice and equity for all in our dealings within and outside Catholic Education  NT
  • operating through honest, trusting relationships based on integrity
  • treating everyone fairly in our operations.


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