Teacher Accreditation

Accreditation ensures that teachers in Catholic schools are provided with suitable professional development so as to understand current church teachings in key areas, and encourage active teacher support for the Catholic ethos of the school.

There are four levels of accreditation:

Accreditation A
All employees of Catholic Education are required to complete a minimum of 2 hours induction on what it means to work for Catholic Education in their first year.  This may be led by schools or advertised CEO offerings.

Accreditation B
All teachers in Catholic schools are required to complete a minimum of six hours professional development for Accreditation B each year. This professional development revisits areas of the Catholic tradition, including the sacraments, scripture, moral theology, social justices, prayer and liturgy.

Accreditation C
Teachers of Religious Education are required to obtain Accreditation C within two years of appointment. Beginning teachers are required to obtain Accreditation C within three years of appointment.

Accreditation C requires teachers to successfully complete four units of study covering Religious Education and Theology at university level, equivalent to the Graduate Certificate in Religious Education offered BBI - The Australian Institute of Theological Education or another Catholic University. These units must be consistent with Catholic teachings.

Accreditation D
Leaders in Catholic Education (Principals, APREs, Deputies, CEO executive and Education Officers - Religious Education) aim to have Accreditation D. 

Accreditation D requires leaders to successfully complete Masters level study in Theology, Religious Education, Education or Educational Leadership from a Catholic University such as the Australian Institute of Theological Education.


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