Indigenous Communities

More than 1,000 Indigenous students are enrolled in our five Indigenous Catholic Community Schools (ICCS) and three homeland centres in remote communities in the Northern Territory. The education of Indigenous students is, and has always been, a high priority since the earliest days of the Catholic Church presence in the NT. Our history shows that there has been a continuing commitment of resources, both personal and financial, to Indigenous education.

This commitment has expressed itself in many ways and in a variety of social and political contexts. For many years, Catholic Missions had the carriage of programs in the four remote Aboriginal communities where the Catholic Church has long been active. The Catholic Education Office assumed full responsibility for Catholic education in these remote communities in 1989.

Indigenous Education Workers Professional Learning Network

The Indigenous Education Workers (IEWs) are a fantastic and vibrant group of Indigenous people who work to support both the Indigenous students enrolled in our urban schools and non-Indigenous students as they develop an understanding of the richness and depth of culture and diversity of our Indigenous communities.

At network meetings the IEWs share stories as they support each other in their work and explore ways to support our Indigenous students and their families as they participate in the lives of our schools.