Fees & Levies

Why do Catholic schools have fees?

To operate and provide quality learning environments, Catholic schools have fees to complement the Government funding received from the Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments.  Schools strive to keep fees as low as possible.

The term 'school fees' includes tuition fees, levies and charges. Each school assesses the school fees necessary to meet their individual school and community operation requirements.

In doing this, they are firstly guided by the diocesan tuition fee set by the Catholic Education Council.

2024 School Fees

Northern Territory Catholic Education - Urban schools and College's


*Year 10 - refer to transition information below.

The following are the recommended school tuition fee discounts for siblings attending Catholic Schools in the Territory:

  • First child: Full fee is paid.
  • Second child: Discount of 10% of his/her fee.
  • Third child: Discount of 20% of his/her fee.
  • Fourth child: No tuition fee.

This will be applied in the following manner to ensure all schools share the discounts.

  • First and eldest child: Full fee
  • Second child: 5% of each child’s fee
  • Third child: 10% of each child’s fee
  • Fourth child: 33% of each child’s fee.

It is important that each school asks their families to indicate if they have children at other Catholic Schools. The child’s name, school, and year level should be recorded.

In addition to the school fee increase the Catholic Education Council approved the transition of year 10 school fees to the senior secondary school fee rate commencing in 2024. This transition is to be managed incrementally over three years, with: 2024 at 25% of the gap, 2025 at 50% of the gap, 2026 at 75% of the gap, and 2027 the full 10 – 12 rate.