Religious Education

Journey in Faith is the Religious Education program for Transition to Year 10 in Catholic schools in the Northern Territory.

Based on the South Australian Religious Education Framework, Journey in Faith is focused around 5 key learning areas and the wisdom strand. The wisdom strand ties the enduring understandings of the key learning areas together through a pedagogical approach that encourages students to take the learning and apply it to their lives and actions.

Journey in Faith has been written to speak to the young people of our Diocese. It presents the teachings of the Church in a clear, systematic way, using the methodologies and principles of education available to us now. Drawing on the sources of our faith; creation, scripture, tradition and human experience, Journey in Faith provides a way of seeing the world, of acting in it and of responding to it, all drawn from the simple reality of our faith: God loves us and calls us to life in full abundance.

The teaching and learning activities reflect a deliberate desire to promote deep thinking in students. Engagement and challenge are our intention. Incorporated into our units and integrated across the curriculum are strands from the human sexuality program, Made in the Image of God (MITIOG). The inclusion of MITIOG activities means the complexities of relationships today are addressed through the lens of faith.

Beyond Year 10, our senior Religious Education curriculum incorporates a number of pathways.