Catholic Education Overview

Catholic schools are first and foremost places of quality education and provide lifelong and life-wide learning experiences founded explicitly on the person and teachings of Jesus.

As such Catholic schools are service oriented and are therefore committed to providing opportunities for our students to learn about their heritage, to develop their understanding of their present and to gain confidence and skills that will allow them to take part in a new and emerging society. We want our students to be active, informed and responsible members of society who will be involved in creating the shape of their society.

Our Catholic schools have a vital role in the Church’s mission in education. Through providing a learning environment that is spiritually nurturing, intellectually challenging and emotionally caring, our Catholic school communities will continue to provide support to lifelong learners so that they will be able and willing to envision and contribute to the creation of a just, equitable and compassionate world.

Parents and students choose Catholic schools for many reasons. Research shows that these reasons include:

  • The Christian values taught by Catholic schools
  • The care of students, teachers and staff
  • Catholic ethos based Gospel values and respect for others
  • The commitment to the holistic development of students
  • The pursuit of academic excellence
  • A vision of hope for the future

Parents are seen as partners with schools in the education process and the contribution made by parents to Catholic schools is essential and invaluable. Catholic Education works closely with respective schools to ensure collaboration with parents on significant issues which impact on schools. Parents are closely involved in Catholic Education at the local school level as well as at diocesan and national levels.