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OVERSEAS APPLICANTS PLEASE NOTE: To be considered for any position with Catholic Education NT, applicants must have a valid working visa to work in Australia.

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January, at the start of the new school year
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How many years have you been teaching for?
Less than 1 year
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Which state(s) are you currently registered to teach in?
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia
New South Wales
Currently not registered
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What type of teaching are you most interested in?
Remote - Aboriginal Catholic Community Schools
Regional - Katherine and Alice Springs Schools
Urban - Darwin, Palmerston and Humpty Doo Schools
All of the above - I am flexible
If Other please specify

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Which areas are you qualified to teach in?
Early Childhood
Religious Education
Other specialisation and or qualifications
If Other please specify

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Do you have experience teaching in the areas listed?
Aboriginal Studies
ESL or EAL/D Students
In an Aboriginal Community School
In a Catholic School
In a Non-Governmental School
I also have experience in...
Please specify any additional experience

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What excites you about teaching in the Northern Territory? This section is optional – but we would love to hear about what you’re wanting to get out of a teaching experience in the Northern Territory.

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