Living Remote

If adventure and immersing yourself in our ancient Aboriginal culture excites you, then now is the time for you to experience working in a Catholic community school in the NT...

Aboriginal Culture

Immerse yourself in 60,000 years of culture.

Teaching and living remote will immerse you in the oldest living culture in the world, with a history of over 60,000 years. 

It is important that you enter into all aspects of community life. When you open your heart and mind you will experience personal growth and deeper awareness of Aboriginal culture.

Culture runs much deeper than the surface artefacts and processes that are readily evident such as language, art, cooking, music and ceremony. Elements of culture that are less obvious to newcomers include history, values, norms, beliefs, ways of knowing and relating, assumptions about space and time, what being ‘successful’ means and many others.

You will be challenged on your assumptions about space and time, what being ‘successful’ means and so much more.

Bush Tucker - Hunting

Aboriginal people harvest meat and bush foods from the land and have done so for thousands of years.   It is common in the bush to see animals being hunted for food.  (Kangaroo, buffalo, cattle, bush turkey, geese). Fishing for barramundi, and turtles are also common in some communities.  As you get to know community members, you may be invited to go bush for hunting and fishing.  Some teachers choose not to join in bush trips and this is ok. Ladies may be invited to join the women in collecting long-neck turtles, bush berries, and honey ants.   This is one way you can be immersed in their living culture.


Remember. There will be people in your community both Aboriginal and non-local who can assist you when you are struggling.  Each community has a Catholic Aboriginal Leadership Team (CALT) whose role includes support of staff, especially regarding culture and community living.