The decision to send your child away to boarding school is a difficult one to make.

For some it may be a necessity rather than a choice due to their rural or remote location.

St John's Catholic College in Darwin provides boarding facilities for both girls and boys from years 7 to 12. Both houses pride themselves on being a 'home-away-from-home' for your child, providing strong support and firm guidance to each individual, as well as a secure and warmhearted environment through their years at the college.

The boarding facilities at St John's are separated into the girls house (Siena House) and the boys house (the Connolly and Burke wings). The Houses are managed by the Heads of Boarding and staffed by full time, part time and casual 'House Parents'.

These people are chosen for their Christian values, qualifications and experience in working with children. Their mission is to care for your child, keeping them safe, happy and healthy and to promote and encourage their education.

For more information on boarding at St John's, please visit www.stjohnsnt.catholic.edu.au or call the school on (08) 8982 2222.