What are the requirements to apply for employment as a teacher with Northern Territory Catholic Education?

You must be registered or eligible for registration with the Teacher Registration Board of the Northern Territory.  Other requirements are detailed in the job requirements of each application.

How do I register for employment in the Northern Territory?

Applications can be sent to the Catholic Education Office NT anytime by sending a letter stating your interest and an up-to-date resume to recruitment@nt.catholic.edu.au. Please indicate whether you are interested in a placement in an urban or remote school.

Can I still apply if I don’t have all of my documentation (for example, my Degree)?

You can still register your interest; all we require from you at this stage is your Resume.  Please indicate that your teacher registration or degree is pending and then provide us a copy when you do receive it.

Do I need to be already living in the region, to be considered for a position?

No. We offer relocation assistance to help you move to your new location (amount depends on location).

Do I have to be a Catholic to teach in a Catholic School in the Northern Territory?

No. It is important that our Catholic identity and ethos is maintained, we do this by ensuring we have as many devoted Catholics on the staff as we can. However, people who are not Catholic but who can support our ethos by word and deed are welcome to apply for positions.