Inclusion Support Services

We endeavor to provide educational programs of quality that are adjusted for students with disabilities.

Our ethos upholds the belief that all students, irrespective of ability, have a right to attend their local Catholic parish school, to be educated with their peers and accepted as individuals, blessed with gifts that enrich the whole community.

Our special education team consists of professionals from a range of backgrounds including education, allied health and wellbeing consultants.

We commit to:

  • providing all students with equity of access to quality education from early childhood through to transition to higher education and/or training
  • building stronger working partnerships with students, parents, the community, industry and other agencies
  • facilitating access to appropriate support options available in the community for students with disabilities, including those who live in isolated areas.

Our Students with Disabilities Policy provides more information on the provision of services and support for students within Catholic Schools in the Northern Territory.