Enrol Your Child

If you are interested in enrolling a child at a Catholic School, please contact the school or college at which you hope to make enrolment.

This will enable you to find out about the school and be sure that you are aware of the enrolment procedures particular to that school. In the case of secondary colleges, group information sessions may be offered to provide prospective parents and students with information regarding the school and what it has to offer. In such instances it is strongly recommended that prospective parents and students attend.

Application form

Once this Enrolment Application Form is completed it is to be submitted to the school (timeframes may apply). In addition to the completed Enrolment Application Form other documentation will be required as indicated on the form or in the particular school’s enrolment material (such as birth certificate, baptism certificate, school reports and other relevant school records, immunisation records and health records).


The next step will be an interview at the school with the Principal or another member of staff. At least one parent or carer, and in most circumstances the child as well, will attend the interview. It is important to realise that offers of enrolment at the school are not made at the interview. Subsequent to the interview, the school will make contact with the family to convey the decision regarding the application for enrolment.

Orientation programs 

Orientation programs for those commencing preparatory year or starting secondary school are common in our diocese. These programs, often held late in the calendar year, provide preliminary information and a sense of confidence and security for those beginning their schooling in the following January.

Enrolment entitlement 

Please note that enrolment at one of our diocesan kindergarten does not create an entitlement to enrolment into a diocesan primary school. Likewise, enrolment at one of our diocesan primary schools does not create entitlement into diocesan secondary colleges. You would need to complete a separate Enrolment Application Form for kindergartens, primary schools and secondary colleges and engage in the require enrolment process for each educational setting.

Fee Discounts

Catholic education offers substantial fee discounts to those families that have more than one child enrolled in diocesan schools. For further information please refer to the fees and discounts on this website.