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A Life Time of Connections

Walking into O’Loughlin Catholic College you get a sense that there is something different, something special about the place. Moving through the grounds and greeting and talking with the positive and proud members of the College helps lead to an understanding that O’Loughlin is more than just school buildings – it is a community. That is its gift.

The College Vision of ‘Make us one in Christ’ with Hope, Faith and Love guides and inspires the College. This Vision ensures that the College’s diverse and multicultural families come together in harmony. The Principal, Rhett Bowden, helped to explain, “We do have a strong sense of being part of something special, a community that is welcoming, supportive and respectful. We care and show respect for each other and want the best for all in everything we do.” The connections and relationships built over the years between staff, students and families are the key to this community.

One of many contributing factors to O’Loughlin’s Catholic faith community and ‘family’ atmosphere is there are a number of teachers with children attending. Rhett, who began teaching at O’Loughlin in 2004, also taught at the College with his father Michael Bowden, while his daughter Imogen completed Year 12 in 2018 after starting in Year 7. The College, and Rhett in particular, were very proud when she achieved a place in the Top 20 Northern Territory ATAR scores.

One of the College teachers, Mrs Arlene Mitchell, who will be retiring from O’Loughlin at the end of the Semester after many years of dedicated service said, “I feel incredibly fortunate to have taught with my daughter, Rachael, for the last seven years.” Another striking example is the number of past students that return to the College as staff. At present, there are eight teachers and fourteen other staff members who have also returned to work at the College.

The College welcomes all people into this Catholic community of Hope, Faith and Love, through the Vision of  ‘Make us one in Christ’. To find out more information on how you can be a part of this unique College, please call on 89451277 or visit oloughlin.nt.edu.au.

O’Loughlin teachers and non-teaching College Staff members that were also former students.

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