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Prayer For New Zealand

After the devastating events that have occured in New Zealand this past week, the Northern Territory Diocese are uniting in prayer for those affected. As we pay our respects, we pass on our strength, love and courage to our neighbours, who are our family.

We pray to you O God,

for the people who have been killed

in the terrorist attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand.


We pray to you O God,

for the whole community of Christchurch,

and the worshippers at Masjid Al Noor mosque in Deans Avenue,

and at the Linwood Avenue mosque.

We pray to you O God,

for those who have been injured,

and for the families and friends of the injured and deceased.

We pray for those who are being treated at the hospitals,

and all who have been terrorized by these senseless acts.

We pray for medical staff, police and emergency service personnel

who are helping the survivors and community.

We pray to you O God,

for all our sisters and brothers in New Zealand.

We pray for the courage to work for peace, to oppose violence,

and for the wisdom to support each other as one family.


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