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Shared education facilities in Zuccoli

essica and Madison Liebelt

Catholic Education NT (CENT) working in partnership with Department of Education (DoE) participated in the opening of the shared education facilities in Zuccoli on Monday 1st of February, uniting two schools Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School and Zuccoli Primary School. Both Schools share the site equally and have access to the newly constructed shared facilities comprising of a music studio; science lab; home economics learning area and kitchen garden; multipurpose hall; stage and drama room; canteen; an OSHC Centre and oval.
The leaderships of both Schools are working closely to ensure a strong working relationship between the two school systems. The jointly shared facilities offer tremendous opportunity to Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School students.
Principal of Mother Teresa, Reuben Johnson stated during the opening: “Today is a special occasion for Education in the Northern Territory as today marks the beginning of an amazing opportunity for students fortunate enough to be attending Mother Teresa Catholic Primary and Zuccoli Primary. This partnership is one of great signifi cance, between the Education department and Catholic education delivering facilities that are the envy of many others. The opportunities for our students are limited only by our imagination and the pedagogical choices we make. These facilities and the shared approach reinforce that we are one community, neighbours, friends, colleagues and in some cases family, regardless of the educational choices we make.”
Mother Teresa Parent, Mrs Kate Liebelt stated that: “Both of my daughters are really excited to use the new shared facilities and what a great opportunity this is for them.”
Greg O’Mullane, Director of Catholic Education NT congratulated Zuccoli Primary School on completion of Stage 2 of their school and stated that: “Today’s opening of Stage 2 also included the opening of the shared facilities that will be used by Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School and Zuccoli Primary School. This fi nalises a project that began in late 2016 for the Catholic system when we announced that construction had begun on Mother Teresa Catholic Primary school. The completion of the shared facilities represents an opportunity for both schools to build a great working relationship into the future. We acknowledge and thank the Northern Territory Government for their fi nancial commitment to these shared facilities.”

For more information visit www.mtcpsnt.catholic.edu.au

Science Lab

Home economics

Kitchen Garden

Multipurpose Hall; Stage and Drama Room; An OSHC Centre



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